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Construction Case Studies

The construction industry builds our homes, businesses and our shopping centers. That's why we support them with the most versatile fleet of equipment to handle any pumping, storage, filtration, or liquid handling system. We don’t just send salespeople, we send problem solvers who are trained to recommend the best system for the jobsite, ensuring the project gets done on time and on budget.

  1. Pipeline Construction Requires Wellpoint Dewatering
  2. 14.4 MGD Pumping System Keeps Pipeline Project On Track
  3. Temporary Water Supply System Prevents Solar Farm Construction Delay
  4. Dewatering of Historic Theater Restores Foundation
  5. Efficient filtration system saves customer $1 million
  6. Bypass Provides Water for City during Dam Repair
  7. Custom Ballast Pumping System Moves Massive Cranes Hundreds of Miles
  8. Perfect Artificial Rain Drops Created for Movie
  9. Unique Dewatering and Filtration saves big money for Freeway Expansion
  10. Tunneling deadlines met with mobile dewatering system
  11. Bridge Drilling moves forward with Filtration System
  12. Wheel Wash Allows Power Plant to Resume Stalled Construction
  13. Landfill avoids dangerous truck track-out with Wheel Wash System
  14. Innovative pump platforms power canal bypass
  15. $250 million of crops saved with canal bypass