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We’ve diverted streams and cleaned up natural disasters from the Midwest to New Orleans. We’ve mobilized equipment for local municipalities and the Army Corps of Engineers. We’re the people you call for the big jobs because no one else can do them. We’re the people you call for the small jobs because we get them done right the first time.

  1. 100,000 GPM Bypass Restores Water  for City Inundated by Hurricane Flooding
  2. 60 MGD Lift Station Bypass Saves Services for 500,000
  3. Boston’s Muddy River Restoration Requires 100 CFS Bypass
  4. Sewer relining done with above ground bypass pumping
  5. 150 Million Gallon Water Transfer in 10 Days Aids Drought-Stricken CA Area
  6. City avoids water shutdown with 12 MGD bypass
  7. State saves money with unique PCB filtration system
  8. Large filtration project saves time, money for municipality
  9. Electric pumps save more than $100,000 on sewer rehab bypasses
  10. Floating pump bypasses river for dam rehabilitation
  11. Filtration and bypass system restores city’s water supply
  12. New pumping system reduces firefighting jet refill time
  13. Bypass increases efficiency and safety during WWTP upgrades
  14. Bypasses aid in crucial sewer upgrades
  15. Underground creek bypass keeps airport open during construction